OKARA-Prime Minister Imran Khan has been struggling to pull the country out of the bad economic circumstances which the government inherited from the previous government. “All his endeavours aim at changing the lot of the Pakistani nation by taking it from declining economy to the zenith of development and financial strength.”

These views were expressed by PTI provincial ticket holder Chaudhry Abdullah Tahir during a media talk at Al-Rehmat Haweli 32/2L here the other day.

“Due to his staunch belief in Islam and love for the Holy Prophet (SAWW), Allah has been sheltering Imran Khan and his party by removing obstacles from his way,” he said, and adding that the Almighty helped Imran Khan achieve his goal to serve the nation and raise its honour to the height of glory on the globe.

He stated: “Imran Khan has won Saudi favours, and now he has signed agreements with China which will support Pakistan economically in fields of national development.”