ISLAMABAD  -   Tanzara Art Gallery will hold a retrospective exhibition of prominent artist Iqbal Hussain here on November 13 featuring a collection that offers an insight into a way of life that is an ancient tradition. Iqbal Hussain is one of the most important Pakistani artists, for nearly 50 years he pursued a singular career with a love for painting and its intrinsic challenges. For Iqbal, painting was an integral part of his struggle which allied itself with the forces of liberation. Over the course of his five-decade long career, he committed himself to address the plight of Lahore’s old walled city dancers and musicians.

Though his paintings, he looked beyond the glitter and addressed the darkness, despair and desolation that enveloped them.  John Wall, former Country Director World Bank Pakistan, was instrumental in supporting Iqbal Hussain’s cause by organizing various art exhibitions and giving the artist his due respect and recognition. This major retrospective, part of John Wall’s collection, honors the artist by presenting some of his most iconic works and key moments of his career.

“This exhibition offers a grand overview of the artist’s achievements across all media including paintings, drawing and printmaking”, said Noshi Qadir, Director Tanzara Gallery.