LOS ANGELES (CM) - Alexa Demie wants to create a ‘’full-fledged fashion empire’’.

The ‘Euphoria’ star has found herself hailed as a style icon following the success of the HBO drama - which she stars in alongside Zendaya - and has now said she plans on using her title to her advantage by creating her own fashion brand.

Alexa - who is the daughter of a make-up artist - said: ‘’[I want to create] a full-fledged fashion empire. I love fashion ... It’s a part of my journey and part of the empire I want to create.’’ The 24-year-old actress is keeping details of her new venture under wraps, but says she is ‘’actively working’’ on the plans.

She added: ‘’It’s something I’m actively working on that you’ll see soon enough. Rather than waiting around to get picked as the face of an established brand, it’s like, why not create your own?’’

And the beauty has already garnered a following for her fashion looks, as fans of ‘Euphoria’ have been recreating the outfits she wears on the show as Maddy.

She said: ‘’To see all of the girls and boys re-creating the makeup looks and wearing the outfits - it’s really exciting.’’