Instead of condemning such events and actions and raise our voices against such abominable and vicious acts, we make fun of ourselves by triggering an unwarranted issue about whether or not the meat of the frog is forbidden in Islam.

It is forbidden to eat and Hraam according to Quraan, but we ourselves are playing a role in motivating this sin with pride, which is why the dynamic mafia behind these measures is doing their job comfortably because they know that most Pakistanis like ridiculing an issue. For some days, they will continue making fun of each other and the incident will end in smoke. This is the non-seriousness that is the cause of the deterioration in our society. We will continue to proudly promote these sins in jokes.

Let us not put ourselves in the throes of humiliation; let us not make ourselves the upholders of traditions which mention those who are proud of their sins, on the day of Judgment. As citizens of Pakistan, we have a duty to do. Raise your voice against these measures so that the relevant authorities take strong action against it. Don’t forget that the Lahore is not a whole of Pakistan and if today Lahorites are fed forbidden meat by deceiving them, tomorrow you may also be a victim of this fraud.