While actor Ewan McGregor works on finalizing his divorce from estranged wife Eve Mavrakis, he filed a document to declare them both single before it’s finalised. The 48 year old actor filed court documents for the move, known as bifurcation, according to documents obtained by People.

The move was made in an effort to speed up the divorce process, following their separation in May 2017 and McGregor filing for divorce in January 2018.

McGregor states in the documents, ‘that a termination of the status of our marriage at this time will assist in [the] resolution of the balance of this matter.’ Attorneys for neither McGregor nor Mavrakis responded to request for comment.

McGregor first met Mavrakis, a production designer, on the set of Kavanagh QC, and they were married in 1995. The estranged couple have four daughters together, Clara, 23; Jamyan, 18; Esther, 17, who turns 18 this week, and Anouk, 8.

When McGregor filed for divorce, he petitioned for joint custody of the children, but Eve filed for sole physical custody with Ewan getting visitation, according to TMZ.

McGregor said he is willing to pay spousal support, and since there is no pre-nuptial agreement, the assets should be divided evenly, though they haven’t done so. The couple’s assets include a community estate valued at $25 million, plus jointly held retirement plans in the US and UK valued at $1.3 million.

The date of separation listed as May 28, 2017, with the separation coming just months before McGregor was spotted kissing his Fargo co-star Mary Elizabeth Winstead, 33.

When he won a Golden Globe for his portrayal of twins Emmit and Ray Stussy, he thanked both his wife and Winstead.