HAFIZABAD/Okara - Ulema at the District Peace Committee meeting resolved to shun their differences and to fully act upon the Quran and Sunnah to promote love, affection and unity to foil the evil designs of the enemy.

They held the meeting in connection with  Eid-i-Milad-un-Nabi. The meeting was chaired by Deputy Commissioner Naveed Shahzad Mirza was attended among others by heads of departments, police officers, members of the peace committee, ulema of different schools of thoughts  decided that the occasion would be celebrated with unprecedented religious fervour and fool proof security arrangements would be made.

Most of the buildings are being illuminated and all the thoroughfares would be decorated with colourful flags and buntings.

The Deputy Commissioner and the ulema said that the teachings of Holy Prophet (PBUH) is beacon for the humanity. “We should promote the teachings of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and strictly abide by the teachings for their salvation in the world and Hereafter,” they said. The DC directed the officers of Municipal Committees in the district to ensure better sanitary conditions particularly on the routes of the processions.

Brisk preparations are afoot to celebrate Eid Miladun Nabi with religious zeal on 10th

Meanwhile, brisk preparations are afoot to celebrate Eid-i-Milad-un-Nabi with unprecedented religious fervour in the Hafizabad district on November 10.

Beautiful arches are being erected in different chowks and streets and thoroughfares are being decorated with multi-colour flags and buntings as well as illuminated with colourful lights in Hafizabad, Pindi Bhattian, Sukehke Mandi, Kaleke Mandi, Jalalpur Bhattian, Rasulpur Tarar, Vanike Tarar, Kassoki and Madhrianwal. Scores of religious organisations have arranged Bazm-i-Naat, Mehfl-i-Milad, cycle rallies and other sports. The believers have also started cooking zarda, palao, halwa and Kheer to distribute among the poor.

Over a dozen processions would be taken out from different parts of the city during this week.

Meanwhile, citizens have called upon the district and municipal administration to ensure better sanitary conditions in the city particularly on the routes of different processions.

Speakers in Okara said that it is the great blessing prize for Muslims that we are celebrating the most sacred and holy Day of Eid Miladun Nabi (SAW) on the earth. The teachings of the Holy Prophet (SAW) for the world’s Mankind are the only path towards liberation of humanity. It was conveyed by the Deputy Commissioner Maryam Khan while chairing the meeting of the District Peace Committee (DPC). She said to keep slavishness to the Holy Prophet(SAW) in the heart and lead life in the light of Seerat-e-Tayyaba (Sacred Character) of the Holy Prophet is the key to a successful here and afterlife.

She said peace could be maintained on the earth if the Mankind adopts the pious principles of the Holy Prophet. The meeting commenced to have a close view of arrangements of the sacred processions, Seerat Conferences and wide spread illuminations.

In her address the DC advised the officials to make the routes of procession clean and patch-worked. The encroachments must be removed and hanging down dangerous Wapda wires and cable wires be properly taken care of. The Wapda authorities must be approached in written not to hold electric load-shedding. The Rescue 1122 staff must remain with processions to provide medical cover. Other concerning deptts must conduct scanning of the routes of processions. The police must provide fool’s proof arrangements of security to the Seminars and conferences. The Traffic police must plan for easy flow of traffic. Strict action must be taken against motorcycles without silencers. Nothing uncivil or immoral must take place in bazaars and severe legal action must be taken against violators. At the close of meeting  Allah the Merciful was prayed in humility for prevalence of Peace and order in the country and freedom of Occupied Kashmir.