Sargodha - Sargodha University on Thursday organised a day-long ‘International Seerat Symposium’ in connection with Eid Miladun Nabi (SAWW).

The symposium was aimed at promoting peace, harmony and friendly relations between various segments of the society by emphasizing different aspects of the life of Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SAW).

It was organised by the Department of Islamic Studies and presided over by Dr Ishtiaq Ahmad, the Vice Chancellor Sargodha University.

Eminent national and international religious scholars including Sheikh Ibrahim, Head of Islamic Center, Portugal, Dr Muhammad Saad, Chairman of Sheikh  Zaid Islamic Center Punjab University, Dr Ghulam Hussain Baber, Chairman Department of Islamic Studies PMAS Arid University Rawalpindi, Dr Ghulam Shamas Rehman from GCU Faisalabad, Dr Abdul Ghaffar from NUML Islamabad, Dr Arshad Laghari from Gujrat University, Dr Bilal Qureshi from IIU Islamabad, Dr Feroz Uddin Shah, Chairman Department of Islamic Studies Sargodha University and number of students and faculty members attended the symposium.

Call to learn conciliatory and conflict resolution approaches from the life of Holy Prophet (SAW)

Speakers of the international symposium urged Muslims to follow the teachings of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) with special focus on moral ethics. They also highlighted the importance of contextual understanding of religious teachings and stressed on solving all problems being faced by the Muslims from teachings of the holy book ‘Quran’ and the holy Prophet’s (SAW) Sunnat.

They called to opt conciliatory and conflict resolution approaches in the Seerat of the Holy Prophet (SAW) and peace treaties made by the Prophet (SAW) with others.

They said that it is through following in the footsteps of our beloved Holy Prophet (SAW) that we can bring lasting peace to the world. The life of the Holy Prophet (SAW) is a real manifestation of the noble spirits of love, compassion and justice, and replication of these values in our lives should be our utmost priority.

Addressing the symposium, Sheikh Ibrahim highlighted various aspects of Quranic teachings, Sunnah and Hadith. He invited all Muslims to strengthen bonds among themselves and play a leading role for the welfare of humanity in general and the ummah in particular

Speaking on the occasion, Dr Ishtiaq Ahmad said that the life of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) is a beacon light for the people to seek guidance for the resolution of their individual and collective disputes. Islam teaches us to be moderate and balanced in all aspects of life, whether it is religion, worship, relationships, ideas, or daily activities, he said adding that we can overcome all the predicaments that confront us by steadfastly following the teachings of the Holy Quran and the Holy Prophet (SAW).

At the end, Dr Ishtiaq Ahmad distributed certificates among the international and national speakers of the symposium.