The Punjab government announced on Friday that it was placing a ban on the use of mobile phones by students in educational institutes.

In addition, it was also placing a ban on the use of any social media inside educational institutes. 

An official notification issued today by the Director Public Instruction in Punjab Zulfikar Ali Bhatti said that these were measures to "safeguard" from the "menace of drugs".

An excerpt from the notification stated: "The Competent Authority has desired that under the prevailing dangers of Menace of Drugs in the Educational Institutions (Public 86 Private Sector) and to safe guard the Young Generation from this curse, it is mandatory to impose complete ban on the use of Mobile and other sources to use Social Media in the premises of Educational Institutions across the Punjab (Public & Private Sectors) and also for the children under 16-years."

It was unclear from the notification what correlation the government was drawing between drugs and mobile phone usage or presence on social media. No data or research study was cited to show any such correlation, or why policymakers believed that curbing phone usage would affect drug consumption among minors.