ISLAMABAD     -    China and Pakistan have agreed to bolster cooperation in matters pertaining to economy, politics, accountability, climate change as well as the ongoing smog crisis. All these matters were discussed in a meeting of Chairperson of the Senate Special Committee on China Pakistan Economic Corridor Senator Sherry Rehman with representatives of Bureau-I (South and Southeast Asian Affairs), International Department Central Committee of Chinese People’s Congress.

Sherry Rehman observed that Pakistan is very keen to take the CPEC projects forward expeditiously and further enhance and improve upon the bilateral relations. She said that the equilibrium between the bilateral relationships should never be disturbed and that the Chinese side should be facilitated as much as possible. Representatives of the Bureau-I told Senator Sherry Rehman about the upcoming JCC meeting to be held in Islamabad in the second quarter of the next year. They said that the event will be attended by high profile dignitaries from the Chinese side and same from the Pakistani side will be welcomed. Senator Sherry Rehman said that JCC is one of the most pivotal exercises conducted by the Chinese government as it leads to more discussions and agreements, propelling positive developments on CPEC among other mutual projects. She also stressed upon the need for doing more homework by the Pakistani side at federal and provincial levels to make the most out of such interactions.

Senator Sherry Rehman observed that the Senate Special Committee on CPEC will be soon visiting Gwadar to oversee the ongoing progress and infrastructural development as well as to play its part in integrating the local population with the projects. She said that Chinese initiatives aimed at more than just energy and infrastructure, adding that the welfare and inclusion of the local community were substantial developments.

Matters pertaining to the economic and political situation, accountability, climate change as well as the ongoing smog crisis also came under focus. Both sides agreed to bolster cooperation in order to tackle these challenges.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Imran Khan on Thursday invited Huawei, the Chinese telecom and IT giant, to explore huge business opportunities created in Pakistan under the new E-policy.

Talking to Chairman of the supervisory Board Huawei Li Jie in Islamabad on Thursday who called on him along with his delegation, Prime Minister Imran Khan urged the company chairman to involve brilliant young minds of Pakistan working in technical fields.

He said that Pakistan has inexpensive labour and this competent and enterprising youth potential of the country would help the foreign countries to further grow. He also highlighted attractive incentive package, being offered by the government to the potential relocating industries. The possibility of relocation of manufacturing units to Pakistan also came under discussion.

Speaking on the occasion, Chairman Li Jie informed the Prime Minister about the progress being made by the company in the network domain and said that they have successfully established a new ecosystem so as to become independent of reliance on companies enjoying the monopoly in the field.

He said that the delegation was really impressed with the intellect of the Pakistani students. He said that they were running a Program of merit awards to the students of NAMAL.

Chairman Board of Investment Syed Zubair Haider Gillani, Secretary Commerce Sardar Ahmed Nawaz Sukhera, Secretary IT Shoaib Ahmed Siddiqui were also present during the meeting.