Okara - A seminar on ‘Breast Cancer’ was organized in collaboration with Pink Ribbon Pakistan (PRP) for the female faculty of the University of Okara (UO).

Dr Maryam Liaqat, Assistant Professor of Physics, delivered a lecture on cancer prevention and cure. Dr Maryam apprised the audience of different techniques of breast examination and precautionary measures to avoid the killing disease.

“Breast cancer not only kills a woman, it also affects the whole family and society at large. Pakistan has high density of the disease due to lack of awareness and treatment facilities. This session is meant of equipping our female colleagues with the tips and techniques of self-examination, diagnosis and treatment,” said the speaker.

During the seminar, awareness material was also distributed among the participants and Dr Maryam demonstrated examination and diagnosis techniques through animated videos. Pakistan has the highest incidence of breast cancer in the entire Asian region. Every 9th woman is at high risk of suffering from this disease in her lifetime. This cancer kills 40,000 women annually in Pakistan. According to a recent study, even males are at risk. Pink Ribbon is building Pakistan’s first dedicated Breast Cancer Hospital in Lahore that will provide subsidized treatment to 40,000 women per year.

40,000 women die of the disease annually in country

Meanwhile, a mentally deformed woman was taken in police custody for assaulting people with a dagger (Chhuri). It was told that a woman Sadaf Bibi mother of 7 children, of chak No.20 of tehsil Renala Khurd arrived on station from Karachi. On the railway station she pulled out a dagger from her bag and assaulted people on the platform. The people ducked and avoided her. The police was informed. The DSP Sadr Circle Ziaul Haq and the SHO PS B Division Javed Khan reached the station. Somehow or other they snatched dagger from woman’s hand and took her in custody. After a short investigation the mentally deformed woman was carried to village and handed over to his father.

labourers demand relief

The poor labors of different Industries in the district met Sheikh Muhammad Iqbal Shahid, the president of Okara Chamber of Commerce & Industry (OCCI) in his office.

They laid their problems and difficulties before him. They said that the finality of their pension cases was being obstructed. The Assistant Disrector of Employees Oldage Benefit Institute ( EOBI) in the local office adopted an insolent rather tyrannical attitude  towards the poor labors and disgraced them intentionally before public. If a labor dared complain, he threatened him to destroy his file. The president OCCI Sheikh Muhammad Iqbal Shahid heard the complaints and promised the labors to get them removed with his personal efforts very soon.