KARACHI- Businessmen Group Chairman Siraj Kassam Teli, President Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry and office-bearers have expressed their satisfaction and welcomed the judgment given by the Supreme Court and urged the Federal and Sindh governments to take action according to the suggestions and advise of the Chief Justice and the larger Bench of the Supreme Court. It is indeed a time to think that the Supreme Court has taken great pain and brought out in the open every detail and causes of disruption of law and order in Karachi and given directions according to the constitution for rectification and has fixed the responsibility as well. We the business and industrial community of Karachi expect that all the concerned political parties, Sindh government and the law enforcement agencies must follow the law of the land in the judgment of the Supreme Court and this is the time to change and draw a line and burry the past and commit for the future, they said. We hope that from now onward there will be no strike calls. The city of Karachi would get rid of illegal weapons, police will be depoliticised; Rangers will have police powers for at least one year. All such legislation will be framed to make sure the criminals are punished, immediate stoppage of all unverified mobile phone SIMS and Chinese mobiles with same IMIE numbers and all licenced arms be registered with NADRA, they maintained.