LAHORE - Justice Sheikh Azmat Saeed of the Lahore High Court Friday adjourned to October 13 further hearing of the petition filed by Ameer Jamaat-ud-Dawa Hafiz Muhammad Saeed to seek halt of the US drone attacks on Pakistani soil. The petitioner also seeks visible implementation of the unanimously passed resolution by the joint session of the Parliament on May 13 against the drone attacks. The resolution was carried following US Seals Operation in Abottabad wherein they killed Osama bin Landen without sharing any information or giving prior intimation to the Pakistani authorities and in sheer violation of the territorial sovereignty of the country. The petitioner prays for a judicial direction to the government to put the curbs and adopt repressive measures to stop the US unbridled drone attacks and other moves as envisaged through the resolution. The petitioner has also accused the rulers of not doing much and safeguarding interest of America. Through senior jurist, A K Dogar, the petitioner prayed to the court for an order to the government to stop transportation of supplies to US and Nato forces Afghanistan through Pakistan. Hearing the matter last day, the petitioner urged the court for passing the interim order till final decision of the case. The petitioner wanted the court to disallow supply route to the US and Nato forces meantime the case is decided, so that the US could be brought under pressure to put a halt on the drone attacks. The petitioner strongly believes that innocent people are losing their lives in these attacks as the number of casualties of the alleged militants is much less than the killing of the civilians in these attacks. The court learnt that the Deputy Attorney General was no available to argue the case on account of bad health so it put off hearing of the petition till October 13.