The Inquiry Commission on Abbottabad Operation has rightly recommended for charging Dr Shakeel Afridi with high treason for launching a fake vaccination campaign hand in glove with the CIA to obtain Osama bin Ladens DNA sample. Indeed, a strict punishment would give a strong message to local agents of CIA, RAW or any other foreign intelligence agency, and in Dr Afridis case also go a long way in deterring the US from carrying out spy games on our soil in future. However, it is the need of the hour that all the American covert operatives currently operating inside Pakistan must be forced to leave the country as quickly as possible. That is the best way to forestall the possibility of further acts of aggression like Operation Geronimo and the brazen cloak and daggers games played by Raymond Davis. It is well known that these operatives provide the CIA with intelligence to carry out drone attacks. Reports that these sleuths are also meant to assist the US military in case of large scale ground operations in future for instance in North Waziristan are quite unnerving. While our intelligence agencies must scale up surveillance of these spies, the government should wait no longer in ordering them out of the country. Already the blunder of letting them in has resulted in the Abbottabad raid and further delay in giving them marching orders will only have serious repercussion for our national security.