LAHORE - Yet for another time, the Lahore High Court Friday expressed serious concern over state of affairs in Pakistan Railways which has brought this vital department of the county to the verge of ruination. Justice Sheikh Azmat Saeed while hearing the petition filed by the legal advisers to the Railways to get their payment stuck up over the last two years owing to 'shortage of funds, was inclined to remark that the Railways has become a den of corruption and looting and everyone wants to get his share in the booty. The respondent has yet not paid to the advisers despite direction by the courts to clear their dues and the respondent more than once assured the court to obey the order. The judge enraged last day when it learned that the needful has not been done and the respondent counsel is seeking more time. In view of the contention of the respondent that department lacked funds, the judge was constrained to say that Railways has become a den of corruption and foundries were being built on its prized land in this course. The Judge said everyone is slumbering on this looting and wants to share his bit to scrape the 150 year old department and its history. With that the court gave one weeks time to the Railways counsel to file reply to the petition. Larger bench requested for plea against Musharraf: Justice Azmat Saeed of the Lahore High Court Friday referred the petitions against former President Pervez Musharraf to the Chief Justice with a request to place the for hearing before a larger bench. The petitioner has been filed by Ilmuddin Ghazi Advocate and others praying to the court for ordering to the Government to book Pervez Musharraf under high treason charges and try him. Musharraf who enjoyed absolute rule despite election in the country and has been abroad over the last more than two years, the petitioners say, is the guilty of subverting the constitution right from his October 12, 1999 action of toppling an elected government to the November 3, 2007 PCO and incarceration of the superior court judges including the Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhary and his family. The petitioners have also charged Musharraf with mass murder in Jamia Hifza incident of 2007 and that of Nawab Akbar Bugti in Balochistan. They have also charged the former dictator with selling out vital national interests to American in the wake of 9/11 as a consequence of which, the nation was till to-date, exposed to drone attacks, and threats from America.