The sit-in in front of the Presidency arranged by several political parties and surprisingly attended by a PPP MNA who was particularly outspoken in his criticism of the government is a clear proof of popular resentment against the Zardari set-up. Indeed, Chaudhry Nisars comment that the people had voted President Zardari into power to solve their problems, not to play political games, is quite apt. The anger of the participants was largely directed at official inaction against the scourge of loadshedding, but anger was also voiced against problems like unemployment and the deteriorating law and order. Although the sit-in concluded peacefully, the next time around, it could attract a greater mass of disgruntled men. The pity is that rather than responding rightly by taking the protest as a wake-up call, Mr Zardari indifferently remarked that his government could not be toppled through sit-ins. Prime Minister Gilani also stated that those provoking the people to take to the streets could not be called as leaders. He forgot that it is nothing but the problems of poverty, inflation and above all debilitating loadshedding that are causing people to go up in arms. These protests and sit-ins must be taken seriously. The PPP government must busy itself with solving outstanding issues on a war-footing.