Every patriotic Pakistani is worried over the changing and unpredictable scenarios the country is going through. The increasing pressure from the West and our own domestic dynamics are creating an environment which is affecting all spheres of life. Who is responsible for the latest prevailing scenario and self-sabotaging attitude? Why the frustration level and anger has been raised to such an extent that people are not only protesting but are adopting a sadist behaviour. There is time to ponder and unveil the faces behind such chaos. Some of the immature political leaders who may be playing games are the ones who started it and are still fuelling the atmosphere for more damage and destruction. Then comes the pseudo-intellectuals who think that they are experts of discussing all state of affairs whether they know the subject or not. After building horrific a scenario, they create an environment where they present their analysis. No solutions are offered. Nothing is done to counter the volatile situation. ANWAR MUKHTRAR, Islamabad, October 7.