LAHORE Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif has said sincere and dedicated efforts are being made for the eradication of dengue virus and elected representatives, officers and experts are working as a team for coping with this challenge and are serving the ailing humanity as ordinary social workers. Though it is a difficult task, but dengue virus will soon be brought under control with the cooperation of experts and the masses. Committee headed by Chief Secretary is finalising its recommendations speedily for evolving a short, medium and long term policy in this regard, he said, while presiding over a meeting to review the pace of on-going campaign for rooting out dengue virus here on Friday. Elected representatives, Chief Secretary, experts, members of Indonesian medical team and secretaries of various departments were present. The CM said all efforts were being made for curbing dengue virus and preparations had already been started for coping with this problem next year. He also said a trained workforce and technology were of vital importance for elimination of dengue virus, and the experiences and expertise of Sri Lankan and now Indonesian medical teams were being fully availed for this purpose. Fogging and spray are being vigorously carried out in all towns with the help of town committees. The fogging campaign is also in progress in parks, playgrounds, private housing societies, bus stands, railway stations, graveyards, plazas and other places, he mentioned, adding that used imported tyres as well as those stored at open places were a major source of the growth of dengue larvae; therefore, a one-month ban under Section 144 had been imposed on their transportation from the provincial metropolis so that the possible spread of dengue virus to other cities could be checked. He directed that in addition to spray at the godowns of tyres, a comprehensive strategy be evolved and presented to him regarding this business in the province so that elimination of dengue virus from godowns of tyres and preventive measures could be ensured. Shahbaz Sharif observed that besides other segments of the society, the role of youth was of vital importance in the campaign for elimination of dengue virus and therefore, seminars were being arranged in educational institutions regarding preventive measures against dengue and parents of the students were also being invited to these seminars. He directed that chairmen of town committees should pay regular visits to government hospitals, private trust hospitals and dispensaries and fully encourage these hospitals as were showing outstanding performance in the treatment of dengue patients. He wanted that the proposal of spray and fogging in the evening should also be considered and recommendations be submitted in the next meeting in this regard. Appreciating the performance of helpline, he said it was not only promoting public awareness in the people regarding dengue but also providing guidance to the patients. He added that the doctors and pharmacists deputed at the helpline were rendering commendable services. Chairmen town committees, provincial secretaries, Commissioner and District Coordination Officer Lahore apprised the meeting of the measures for eradication of dengue virus. The leader of Indonesian medical team briefed about visits to various hospitals and training of nurses. Secretary Education informed that the number of the students team for the counselling of dengue patients has been increased from five to ten and the students had so far provided services to more than 3000 patients in various hospitals.