While talking to media outside Parliament, Firdous Ashiq Awan has commented that Nawaz Sharif and Chaudhary Nisar have become dengue virus for the democracy and blamed PML(N) for anti-democratic thoughts. These remarks are totally uncalled for and unbecoming of a person of her calibre. Although our politicians indulge in verbal brawls inside and outside parliament and love to score points against one another yet some decency must be maintained for the sake of democracy. Absurd and uncanny language should be avoided at all cost. She also said that PML(N) has adapted the policy of confrontation between the institutions. Sadly speaking, what name we should give to the policy of our democratic government towards superior judiciary. One must not throw stones at others while sitting in glass houses. However, through a fair analysis of the behaviour of opposition during past three years, we can easily infer that the worthy information minister should have thanked PML(N) leadership for performing the role of friendly and down to earth opposition that provided PPP full opportunity to play its cards with full liberty and ease. Indeed such opposition is a blessing in disguise. IFTIKHAR S. MIRZA, Islamabad, October 7.