LAHORE A prominent writer, poet, ex-diplomat and a veteran journalist Salahuddin Muhammad breathed his last at the age of 79 here due to dengue. He was admitted to the National Hospital, Defence. The doctors failed to diagnose dengue and continued to give antibiotics that deteriorated his condition. After fighting against the deadly virus for three days, he breathed his last on Friday morning. Salahuddin Muhammad was an accomplished journalist who had served as Editor of Dhaka Times in East Pakistan. Besides working with Dhaka Times during 60s, Mr Salahuddin Muhammad also served as Editor Pasban, an Urdu newspaper in East Pakistan. He was Bureau Chief of Pakistan Times. He was also President of East Pakistan Union of Journalists and General Secretary of Afro Asian Solidarity and represented Pakistan at different international forums. After Dhaka Fall, he came to Pakistan and later served as a diplomat during Ayubs regime. He left behind 7 daughters Saadia Salahuddin (senior journalist), Saulat Salahuddin (a business woman), Rahat Kaunain (Chairman of Competitive Commission of Pakistan), Dr Tauseef Salma (a scientist based in US), Mehr Afroze (senior teacher), Sarwat Javed (lawyer) and Dr Sarah Salahuddin (A PhD in computer scientist and based in UK). His only son, Najaf Yawar is chairperson of MBA Department in Government College Lahore. His Qul will be held on Sunday at 335, Street 7 Cavalry Ground.