Chief of Army Staff did not allow the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) to prosecute three retired army Generals who are responsible for loss of Rs 1.84 billion public money while working with National Logistic Cell investing in stock exchange against the NLC memorandum, which does not allow the NLC funds to be invested in capital market. The COAS wants to be restate accused Generals to try them by military court and court martial them.

With this action what massage COAS wants to advance to civilians? The question is if after depriving them from military ranks, they will be then prosecuted by NAB or not? One wonders if retired military officers are not accountable to NAB and civilian courts? Is it true that a military officer is only committed to protect its institution rather than to protect constitution of Pakistan?

Why one law is not applicable to every citizen? Are some more ‘equal’ than others? During the last four and half years the PPP democratic government and opposition PML-N never took serious interest in passing across the board accountability bill in the National Assembly which could have included all state organs, institutions. There should be no holy cows.

As both PPP and PML-N leaders are facing corruption charges and cases against them are pending, it is clear that these political parties cannot be expected to pass a law which is in the interest of country. Pakistani generals, politicians are very rich but they are clever as well as they exploit their power to make money at the cost of millions of poor people.


Lahore, September 10.