A GERMAN artist has created a giant rocking horse, with 18,000 recycled computer keys, to condemn our obsession with the technological world.

The incredible sculpture, titled ‘Hedonism(y) Trojaner,’ is modelled on Trojan, the wooden horse from Greek mythology, which the Greeks used to sneak behind enemy lines into the city of Troy.

But the installation brings the ancient legend into the technical age, using the internet virus of the same name to critique more broadly the hedonistic nature of contemporary culture and the information age.

Through the buttons, which are arranged in a gradient of colours from ivory-white to yellow-nicotine, Babis Pangiotidis criticises how the worldwide web has infected all aspects of life.

‘The internet has earned not only the virus - the conceptual Trojan,’ he said. ‘The internet is a medium to get information, which is shared both voluntarily and involuntarily, but if you drive behind these actions, there are people googling the side effects of Viagra, an example of our own hedonism.’ From Facebook to online shopping to internet dating, the internet is an obsession, he says. Like Trojan the virus, or malware, that masquerades as a legitimate file or helpful program with the purpose of granting a hacker unauthorized access to a computer, the web seems positive at first but directs us towards hedonism.

The artwork also suggests this technology overload directs us away from genuine relationships or interactions with the real world and nature.

As well as computer keys, the Nuremberg-based artist’s spectacular work is made from recycled resin and old computer cable and is mounted on a wooden rocking base. And while critiquing the modern world of communication, the fascinating artwork simultaneously answers the nagging question: What happens to your keyboard when you chuck it out?   –MO