BAJAUR AGENCY - The residents of tribal areas Sunday termed use of force not an appropriate way to eliminate insurgency in the tribal areas and demanded instant end to military operation in Fata.

The demand was made during a grand tribal jirga organised by Jamiat Ulema-Islam-Fazl here in Khar, Bajaur Agency. Tribal elders of the different tribes, political leaders workers, ulema, religious scholars, experts of tribal affairs, and a large number of general public participated the jirga.

Senior provincial leader of JUI Mufti Abdul Shakoor, JUI Mohmand Agency Ameer and ex-member of National Assembly Maulana Ghulam Mohammad Sadiq, chief of Waziristan malik Abdul Qadar Khan, JUI Bajaur Ameer and former member National Assembly Maulana Mohammad Sadiq, JUI Bajaur General Secretary Senator Maulana Abdur-Rasheed and several others were spoke in the jirga.

Speakers said that the holding of grand jirga in Bajaur was a part of the serial of consultation with the tribal elders and political leaders of the different regions of Fata because the tribal areas passing through a crucial stage.

The speakers said that JUI was the single political party in Fata that has taken the initiative of arranging the tribal jirgas in the entire Fata because JUI believed that jirga is the best flat form of the salutation of problems and issues of tribal areas.

The speakers said that some elements sitting outside the tribal areas who called himself the experts and champions of tribal areas trying to change the current statues of Fata. “But we are not ready for the acceptance of any kinds of changes and reforms that could bring against the wishes of tribesmen, “they added.

The speakers said that the changing in the status of Fata was the only rights of the people of tribal areas and no one has the authority to make a change the current system of tribal areas. They condemned the ANP and the provincial assembly for passing the resolution that demanded of the federal government to make legislation for giving representation to tribal areas in the provincial assembly. They said that the basic problem in Fata was the law and order situation and thousands of people were still living outside in their areas.

They said that tribesmen needed the restoration of peace and stability in Fata because peace was vital for the human beings.