The really interesting thing about this week was the nation’s deep interest among people, including those who aren’t cricket mad, in the national team’s progress in the TwentyTwenty World Cup. I think the interest became most pronounced when Pakistan played India. Though the nation was rooting hard for its team, it didn’t oblige. Yet again, India won. However, there were immense complications which involved the India-South Africa match, which meant that either India won by a prescribed margin, or it went home. Well, Pakistan had first done something not normally done, and beaten Australia. In the end, India won, but not by big enough a margin to carry it into the semis.

The semis were assumed to be a formality, and people were already preparing for the final with the Aussies, Unfortunately for both Pakistan and Australia, Sri Lanka had other intentions. True, the West Indies had other intentions for them. Once again, the Aussies failed to get a chance to win the only ICC Trophy they don’t have, and Pakistan lost to the hosts.

I don’t know if a Sri Lanka-West Indies final is all that it should be. I mean, can anybody see anyone on the field. In the West Indies, not just the Negroes are dark, but so are those of Indian descent. But the Sri Lankans have taken the concept of darkness a step further than anyone else, even than India, which has a Balaji in the team. But Chris Gayle would not really be at home in the Sri Lankan team, even though they share his batting philosophy, along with his colour, not with his height. Sri Lankans tend to be stocky, if you want to be polite, fat, if you want to be rude (anyone remember Rohan Mendis, one of the early Sri Lankan Test captains?). In fact, the Sri Lankan team is the only one collectively darker than the West Indies. So perhaps the Sri Lankan nation doesn’t mind losing, believing in a solidarity of colour.

Being knocked out meant that Younis Khan remains the only Pakistani to have captained in a TwentyTwenty World Cup win. Though of course Imran Khan remains the only person to have captained a World Cup (without any adjective) win. Younis must be watching Imran for when he becomes Prime Minister before he starts eating organic food, as Imran does. Younis must be relieved that he has not got a successor lined up, as he himself was to Imran. No Bangladesh model for Pakistan, not as long as we can find a willing (and winning) cricket captain? I mean, why have a retired judge when you can have a former cricketer?

Imran’s efforts include a march on Waziristan to stop US drone attacks. It’s another matter that Imran went to the wrong Waziristan, South instead of North, which is odd, because Imran was always a great one for the right length and direction in his fast bowling days. Are we to presume that Imran wants to bowl faster than normal, which used to be when he sacrificed length and direction. Anyway, I presume they’re serving organic food on the way. Imran’s American guests are also presumably consumers. Speaking of Americans, the Sole Warrior on Terror, Rehman Malik, is in the USA, and there he has asked for Dr Afia Siddiqui back. No mention has been made of which country’s passport he traveled on, nor of an obvious reason he has for demanding her release (he and she both hold doctorates). However, the USA has made no promises, and told no lies. Rehman Malik should not be given too much importance in Washington, because they have it on the authority of the Supreme Court that he is neither truthful nor trustworthy. But maybe the Americans are also jialas, who, like their Pakistani chief, do not believe the Supreme Court? I’ll let you into a secret: even jialas know the Supreme Court is right. So the Americans are under no obligation to believe that Pakistan cannot run without Rehman Malik, even as they go on supporting a PPP government.

Lahorites were distracted awhile ago by the monkey which climbed up a pole. It was finally recaptured, leading to the thought that the same team should be assigned the capture of the former OGDC chief whom the police can’t produce, supposedly because he has gone to earth in Governor’s House. Well, maybe he wants to be captured. Governor’s House may provide a comfortable refuge, but there is the disadvantage that it involves the company of Governor Latif Khosa. And avoiding the topic of hair transplants.