According to reports citing Pakistani military sources, Russia has agreed to a military accord with Pakistan, though of which nature it is not yet clear. Still it is a major success of the détente going on manifest through visits of COAS General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov to Pakistan. The accords are not only defence related; agreements concerning Steels Mills, Railways, thermal power plants, import of electricity whereby Russia would be according help have been inked during FM Lavrov’s meetings with Pakistani officials.

It has been reported that the defence ministries of both the countries will be giving final shape to the agreements. Once the foundations of a strong partnership are laid, a fascinating era of joint cooperation would follow. There is a lot that can be achieved in the field of military cooperation; Russian arms technology is envied the world over and so is its economy that during the recent years is being restored to its former strength owing to visionary measures by successive governments. There is hence great promise in trade relations as well since Islamabad too is looking for more trade partners to kick-start its economy battered by years of fighting a war on terrorism and poor management. What is important at this moment is to keep the momentum going so as to turn the ongoing exchanges into an exemplary relationship. The stage set by General Kayani for defence ties will hopefully herald a new era of broad based Pak-Russia ties.