SWAT - Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz, Senior Vice President, Engr Amir Muqam said Sunday they were doing politics in order to help the poor and win the hearts of the people, adding that they knew the problems of the poor.

“When I will get power I will sort out the problems of the poor and will resolve them.” He said the rest of the politicians were doing politics for their own profits and means, not for the welfare of people, but they wanted to loot the country and destroy the institutions.

He was addressing a huge public gathering at Mangal Dag, Tehsil Matta, where Yousaf Ali, Ihsan khan, Bacha khan, Syed Akbar Shah and thousands of workers and supporters left PPPP and JUI and joined the PML-N. The local party leaders Asim Khan, Abdur Rahim Khan, Qamoos Khan, Jalad khan, Riaz Khan, Qawi Khan Adocate, Haji Jalad khan, Tahir Shah, Haji Muhammad Ayub Khan, Gul Zaman Khan, Takkar, and many more were present on this occasion. 

Muqam addressed that Mangal Dag area which was a stronghold of Taliban and the locals suffered a lot and the people gave sacrifices for the sake of peace, government should provide some relief and compensation to these people so that they get out of their sufferings. If they can’t do this, at least hospital which is basic need of the locals must be constructed, but this is our bad luck that the leaders are busy in their corruption and saving of their chairs and they have no care of the locals, he added.

Muqam further stated that present regime must accept the sacrifices and hardships of these people who gave lives for the sake of peace. Thousands of people displaced from their homes, leaving everything, just for peace. Now the government should step forward to help these people, they should keep bandage on their wounds. Give them their rights and civil awards to the locals, he stated. Today the government and allies of Asif Ali Zardari, who are claiming now that they are fighting for rights of the people of Malakand Division, where they were, when I was lonely screaming in the floor of National Assembly, that people of Swat were peace loving, not terrorists, Muqam added.

Muqam further added that the people of Malakand division demand change, the people saw the ANP regime that they have increased the local’s tensions and added in their problems. They have gone against of their promises; now the locals are fed up with their promises. Insha Allah a green tsunami dream will become reality and coming era is PML-N era, we will bring green revolution in the country and there will be absolute change and we will make every effort for the welfare of people and only PML-N can steer country out of crises, he added. PML-N believes in prosperity in the country. Nowadays our motherland is in critical condition because of President Asif Ali Zardari and ANP President Asfandyar Wali Khan, Muqam added.