KHANEWAL - The Citizen-Police Liaison Committees are working along with the police to eliminate lawlessness and provide speedy justice to the people, said Sindh CPLCs Chief Ahmed Chinoy at the District Council Hall of Khanewal.

Speaking at a meeting of the newly established CPLC of Khanewal, he said that civilians should play their role to end unrest, injustice and terrorism from the society. He added that the CPLC Karachi was not only helping the Karachi police combat crime but also working to expose culprits hidden in civil society.

He said that the establishment of CPLC in Khanewal was a good sign and will make significant progress in improving relations between the two provinces. He said that the CPLC Karachi was providing secret information to the Sindh police about kidnapping for ransom, violence on women, snatching of cars, motorcycles, mobiles, wallets incidents.

Khanewal DPO Rai Ejaz Ahmad while addressing the gathering disclosed that in CPLC of Khanewal, well reputed personalities had been included from all trade unions, district presidents, secretaries of teachers' unions, student unions, labour unions and the jewellers' associations. He also claimed that these committees were totally impartial and non-political. The DPO added that the police were engaging honest persons from all walks of life to make these committees meaningful and helpful to the police.

Youth festival contests from 8th: Four-day competitions under Punjab Youth Festival will start at Government College University, Faisalabad (GCUF) from October 8. It will bring colourful events including Dress Show, Handicraft, painting, technical project, cultural project, national songs, documentaries and many more.

The festival is aimed at promoting sporting events to explore talent and provide the youth with an opportunity to exhibit their skills. It will also provide opportunity for the locals to entertain and get refuge from the routine matters.

GCUF Vice Chancellor Dr Zakir Hussain has directed the university officials to make elaborated arrangements for the festival. Different committees have been constituted to monitor and conduct the proceedings of the festival smoothly.

Only youth brings change in society: Youth Assembly for Human Rights President Baber Sulehri has said that only educated youth can bring change in the country. The winds of change have started blowing in the country and now it the role of people to strengthen the process. He was addressing the participants of a meeting organised by the Youth Assembly for Human Rights here at Haveli Lakha the other day.

About two hundred civil society organisations were invited to the meeting.