TRYING to find a parking space in a busy city centre is always a stressful experience for any motorist.

There’s the threat of getting a ticket for illegally parking or simply running out of change for the metre. But the owner of this car went to extreme measures to dodge any prowling parking wardens by amazingly getting his vehicle into a very tight spot - 60ft up in the air.

The red motor was spotted perched on the balcony on the third floor of an apartment block in the Ukrainian capital of Kiev. How and why it got there is still a mystery.

It didn’t arrive by going out through the window and it would take great skills by a crane driver to lift it into position without smashing it up against the building. But whatever the answer to the riddle, you have to admire the driving skills of the motorist to get into such a tight spot. And there’s certainly no danger of getting a ticket. The driver could of course be the owner of the flat and likes to have his own personal parking spot. But that would be car-azy.

And if he tried to make a quick getaway then he would be in big trouble. DM