Dozens of former politicians and analysts have been writing that the Baloch nationalists are desirous for talks and they are expecting the government machinery to respond to them. I agree that the talks with Baloch nationalists must be held, but at the same time, please allow me to ask what will happen if these talks fail?

What if, the nationalists keep on denying Pakistan as a state, of which they are an essential part, and demand a separate identity? Who will be responsible for this failure? Who will ask them to respect the government machinery and to obey the supremacy of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan? Nobody writes about this! A group that claims that they are not a part of Pakistan nevertheless, Pakistan considers them as their own people, how can they be trusted now?

How can we be sure that these groups, who are said to be funded by our enemies, are really Baloch and they want peace in Balochistan? Do we really claim them as Baloch? Peace talks with Taliban and talks with Baloch nationalists are two different doctrines; and should not be mixed.

Taliban (TTP) ultimately did favour Pakistan, when we received a threat from India on LoC issue the Taliban threatened India. I still remember their statement published in print media, where the Taliban said: “having fight with security officials in Pakistan is our internal issue, but if it comes to the sovereignty of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, we will respond to India”. Will the Baloch Nationalists react in a similar manner for the country?


Islamabad, October 6.