US shutdown drags on; Obama cancels Asia trip" as reported in a section of the press on Saturday. A lot of columnists wrote that our prime minister should have cancelled his tour because of Awaran earthquake and suicide attack on Peshawar church. This reminds me of our President Asif Zardari, who went to France on personal tour while nation was suffering from flood. Obama cancelled his tour which had to do with resolving a financial problem, but here even when it is a matter of many deaths, our leaders do not change their plans. Are they insensitive to the suffering of the nation or do they suffer from some inferiority complex?

The killing of Drummer (Private) Lee Rigby in UK brought back their Prime Minister, David Cameron from a French official tour. He claimed that he would not abandon his nation in time of need. Here we have a PM who keeps on travelling, I am sure for personal gains, while the country faces many deaths. What to make of such callous rulers?


Islamabad, October 6.