An Australian man has leaped into the record books by doing more bungee jumps than anyone else in the space of 24 hours.
Jay Phoenix only needed to jump more than 106 times to claim the record, but in the end he managed an impressive 150 in just 21 hours.
With a thick elastic cord tied to his ankles, he repeatedly leaped from a 40m-high (130ft) platform on a crane near Brisbane.
"I'm doing it by my ankles as well," he told reporters during the record attempt.
"From what I'm aware, the previous record holder did them with just the harness... which is relatively easy.
"So, I wanted to earn my record."
The previous record holder was South African Kevin Scott Huntly, who jumped 105 times in 2011.
Phoenix finished his jumps at 3.30am, telling ABC radio "everyone was a bit delirious and cold and tired".
He added: "My ankles are totally destroyed."