A Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf leader said that the government wanted to escape the Local Government elections but it would have to hold free, fair and transparent elections while the people would completely reject the PML-N in the forthcoming elections.

Talking to the media, PTI leader Rafiq Haider Leghari said that the government had completely failed on all fronts, and added that it had pawned the national economy with the International Monetary Fund.

By increasing petroleum products’ prices and electricity tariff, he said, the government dropped two dearness drones simultaneously on the crises-hit masses.

“In the first 100 days, the PML-N leadership’s claims to provide the public with relief had been proved false. The rulers are punishing those who voted them into power. The PML-N’s performance is disappointing thus the people have fed up with the rulers,” he said. On the IMF pressure, the government had brought dearness storm in the country thereby adding to the poor’s miseries, he said.

WORKER KILLED IN KARACHI BURIED: A resident of Ahmadpur Lamma, tehsil Sadiqabad has fallen victim to target killing in Karachi. Riaz Abbas was living in the business hub for earning a living. His body was brought in his native village by an ambulance from Karachi. His funeral prayers was offered at Dera Abbasian and attended by a number people from all walks of life including former nazim Syed Sajid, Izharul Hasan, Hasan Shah, Zahid, Zafar and Dr Tariq.