ISLAMABAD - PSB-backed Pakistan Olympic Association (POA) president Maj Gen (r) M Akram Sahi has returned to Pakistan after a very fruitful and successful meeting with the IOC.

He expressed great appreciation and thanks to the IOC president and IPC secretary Fareedullah Khan for his their commendable contribution during the meeting and Syed Shahid Ali for having arranged the meeting and made it possible in the interest of sports and the players in Pakistan.

He said that they had always respected the IOC charter and its provisions relating to Olympics in its true spirit and have not deviated even an inch from the instructions of Jacques Rogue. “The acceptance of the visit and meeting with the IOC delegation at Lausanne expresses the concern of the POA in promotion of sports as we have the support of all the masses in Pakistan,” he remarked.

He said that after completion of the process, the parties would strictly act within the frame-work of the structure of the POA and in accordance with the constitution given by the IOC. “The constitution of the IOC and the POA in terms of its article-6 relating to membership of the federation shall not be ignored. Furthermore, the said agreement also conveys in a clear term that the letter would be sent shortly to the government and to the POA to establish the details of the process. This means that neither the role of the government can be ruled out nor the law of the land has been ignored. This is a clear victory of the legal stand of federations and government.”

Commenting about the final part of the agreement, Sahi said: “It is a success of the legal POA and it shall lead to the productive relationship between government, POA and national sports federations. Each member shall in future respect the jurisdiction and responsibility of each entity without any interference.”

“The agreement, therefore, has appeared as a success of the POA legal stand and IPC ministry, which is further strengthened by the decision of the blockade of the account of the defunct POA, by the IOC,” Sahi concluded.