PESHAWAR - A 33-member representative tribal Jirga of the Mahsud tribes of South Waziristan Agency called on Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Governor Engineer Shaukatullah at the Governor House here on Monday. 

It was the first jirga of Mahsud tribes of its nature, which met the Governor since 2008 and was led by Senator Maulana Muhammad Saleh Shah and MNA Maulana Muhammad Jamaluddin. Additional Chief Secretary FATA Arbab Muhammad Arif and Political Agent South Waziristan Agency Islamzeb were also present on the occasion.

Addressing the jirga, the governor declared to implement rehabilitation package in all those areas where the respective IDPs have already repatriated and approved release of Rs100 million with immediate effect for this purpose. This, he added, will be over and above from the projects encompassing the normal Annual Development Program.

Responding to point of views of the tribal elders, the governor said indeed they have courageously faced difficult circumstance because of their dislocation for such a long time and government also greatly values their patience. Apart from rehabilitation, he added, all those Mahsud tribes who are still leading their lives as IDPs, the government is also ready to support their repatriation. In fact, he said, it is his utmost effort that the affected Mahsud tribes of South Waziristan Agency should get compensation package for the losses and rehabilitated on the pattern, which has also been practiced in respect of IDPs of Bajaur Agency and Insha Allah this will become possible shortly.

Referring to another point, the governor assured to ensure that vacancies in Gomal Zam Project are filled in from amongst the local youth to the maximum possible extent. Indeed, the governor said, tribes of FATA have been honouring their commitment which they had made with Father of the Nation Quaid-e-Azam Muhammd Ali Jinnah for ensuring security in their areas and they are also fully realising their responsibilities in this respect.

Governor appreciated the presence of the tribal elders of Mahsud tribes at Governor House and expressed the confidence that practical measures for ensuring stability in the area will be continued in future too.

Meanwhile, the tribal elders highlighted the importance of the visit of the Jirga to Governor’s House and the difficulties, which their people have been facing.