The high prices of sacrificial animals at various markets in Sialkot areas are keeping the buyers away from purchasing.

With Eidul Azha is about two weeks away, the sacrificial animals including goats, sheep, cows, bulls and even camels have started reaching at Sialkot, Daska, Sambrial, Uggoki, Satrah, Daska, Chawinda, Badiana and Pasrur in a small number. The short number of sacrificial animals is also the major cause behind their high prices.

People were of the view that the prices of the sacrificial animals are very high as compared to their last year’s prices. They said that these prices were still out of the reach of the common man, persuading them to join the joint scarifies.

According to the banners displayed there, various organisations have offered packages for joint sacrifice such as for cow Rs10,000 to Rs12,000 per share including expenditures of the butchers. Some daily wagers said that these packages are very unaffordable for them following the skyrocketing price hike in the country.

Thus, the trend of the joint sacrifices is gaining momentum in Sialkot district, as the people prefer to participate in the cost-sharing scarifies due to the rising prices of the sacrificial animals. On the other hand, the traders are setting up their markets of animals on the grounds in congested residential and commercial areas. The traders claimed that there was almost 40 percent increase in the prices of the animals as compared to their last year’s prices due to which it has become very hard for the common man to perform the religious obligation.

The price of a normal sized goat is between Rs20,000 to Rs30,000 and of cow between Rs50,000 to Rs100,000 while the rate of the goat (having a big growth) is also very high.

A Sargodha based trader, Abdul Ghani, said that the number of sacrificial animals was very short at the moment in the markets due to which their high prices were keeping away the people from purchasing. Another middleman, Khalid Iqbal, from Mianwali said that the prices of the camel have also soured up to a great extant due to which the people were considering joint sacrifices of cows.

Daska-based trader Muhammad Tariq said that there was a shortage of sacrificial markets as a number of animals died due to the recent floods in Sindh. Several people were still hopeful that the prices of the sacrificial animals will again come down when the sacrificial animals from the other cities will come there in a big number.

District Coordination Officer (DCO) Ali Jan Khan has banned under Section 144 on the sale of sacrificial animals other than the six designated sale points established by the Tehsil Municipal Administration.

As per the notification, sale points have been set up on Sargodha Road Bypass, Ghazi Minara Truck Stand, Kot Ranjeet, Kot Hussain on Gujranwala Road, Jewan Pura and on Hiran Minar Road.

Talking to this scribe DCO Ali Jan said that all out efforts would be made to facilitate traders of sacrificial animals and warned the TMA officials to avoid inconvenience to traders.

He also asked the officials to extend cooperation to traders of sacrificial animals at the designated points. The DCO said that police personnel would also be deployed in and around the sales points to ensure security and check the activities of swindlers.