KARACHI  - Karachi Chamber of Commerce & Industry’s President A. Abdullah Zaki has asserted upon the dire need of Russian assistance to promote bilateral relationships to develop gas exploration, railways and reconstruction of power sector.

Speaking with the Russian delegation, headed by Consul General of Russian Federation Oleg N. Avedeev, during  visit to KCCI along with delegates from Railways, gas, power sector development and other sectors.

Abdullah Zaki emphasised to replicate cooperation on the lines of Pakistan Steel Mills in the areas of heavy machinery, engineering, automobiles, revamping railways, energy from coal, and other areas of national interest. He apprised about the vital role of KCCI in the socio-economic development of Pakistan and to promote trade and industry in Karachi and elsewhere. Exchanging views he said Pakistan could seek the Russian help to integrate and boost its energy and power sector with technologies transfer.

Consul General of Russian Federation Oleg N. Avdeev, while sharing his views said the people of both countries don’t know much about each other, so interaction must be enhanced by visiting both countries. It could play a vital role in augmenting bilateral trade. He also assured that today’s visit would be the first step to have more ventures.  Former President KCCI Majyd Aziz was of the view that visit of Russian President to Pakistan will open new avenues of bilateral relations. He said that Pakistan Steel Mills is going through critical phase and need to be revamped with the cooperation of Russia.

He also said Pakistan needs to emphasise more on Russia, China and SAARC countries rather focusing on European countries because $280 million exports with Russia is a very trifling number which could be enhanced.