Former Punjab governor Sardar Latif Khan Khosa said on Monday that the government was deceiving the Supreme Court, adding that on one hand it had withdrawn the notification regarding increase in petroleum products’ prices and on the other hand allowed increase in prices of different daily use items.

Talking to journalists, he said that the local government elections should be held on party basis as non-party elections are held by dictators. He added that the rulers wanted to escape party-based elections because they feared that the result of local government election would unveil the reality of their fake mandate. He said that contrary to their claims, the rulers failed to get drone attacks stopped while the attacks committed by them on the masses in terms of price hike crushed the poor.

He said that the PPP was barred from running election campaign through threats of suicide attacks while other parties like PML-N and PTI were given free hand. He claimed that his party was not defeated and rather angles cast vote against it in recent general election. He added that the masses would soon come to know the reality of claims of heavy mandate of the government. He said that the PML-N started depriving citizens of their jobs right after coming to power as workers from different departments were being fired.

To a question, he declared that the workers would be given tickets in upcoming local government elections. “We want to bring young leadership forth and therefore I have written a letter to party chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari and invited him to formally take the charge of party,” he added. Referring to recent All Parties Conference, he said that neither did the prime minister send any one to hold talks with Taliban nor constituted any committee for this purpose, which was violation of the mandate given by the APC to the government. He said that some external elements provided arms and money to the Taliban.