ISLAMABAD  - The National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (Nepra) has reserved its judgment over mammoth Rs1 to Rs7.10/unit hike in the electricity tariff sought by Sukkur Electric Power Company (SEPCO) and Hyderabad Electric Supply Company (HESCO) in their applications.

Reliable sources told The Nation that two power-distributing companies named as HESCO and SEPCO in their separate plea had sought from the regulatory authority (NEPRA) to make expansive the price of per unit of power on account of expenditures, price of power, line losses, and new investment during on going fiscal year 2013-14. They also said that NEPRA’s decision over the power tariff hike sought by two power utilities would be issued in the upcoming month of November.

During the Nepra’s hearing, HESCO was of the stand that viewing likely expenses of the company, losses, price of power generation during running FY etc, tariff of domestic consumers should be increased range between 38 paisas to Rs1.88/unit, while 50 paisas to Rs1.88/unit hike in the tariff of industrial, agri and commercial consumers of the power distributing company (Disco) should also be made. The HESCO also sought from the regulator (NEPRA) to approve the collection of unpaid bills of 26 per cent power theft from the innocent consumers pay bills regularly.

Similarly, the SEPCO in its plea requested to the regulator to approve colossal hike up to Rs7.10/unit in the tariff of Disco. The SEPCO sought to jack up the per unit power price of domestic consumers range between Rs2 to Rs7.48/unit and up to Rs7.10/unit hike in the tariff of industrial, commercial and tube well (agri) consumers. Interestingly, the SEPCO also sought from the regulator to recover the price of 37 percent of power losses from those power consumers that regularly pay their bills.