PTI Vice Chairman Makhdoom Shah Mehmood Qureshi on Monday feared that a state of serious unrest was about to take place in the country as the majority of people could not bear the extra burden of price hike.

Talking to journalists, he said that the people had fed up with the government within just three months because of poor performance and anti-public policies of the rulers and started demanding resignations from the rulers.

He added that holding of local government elections had become inevitable in the prevailing situation and any delay would increase multiple problems besides sparking strong public reaction. He pointed out that the rulers had burdened the already crushed public by increasing prices of electricity, petroleum products and other daily use items.

He warned the rulers to mend their ways otherwise enraged people would throw them out of Islamabad. He pointed out that the government increased the ratio of GST to 17 percent from 15, which directly affected general public.

Referring to upcoming Local Government elections, he declared that tickets would be given to candidates having good fame, who would serve the masses.

RALLY DEMANDS WITHDRAWAL OF HIKE: Hundreds of PTI activists in Sialkot staged a protest demonstration at congested Allama Iqbal Chowk here to give voice to their anger against skyrocketing hike in the POL products prices and power tariff.

PTI Central Deputy General Secretary Umer Dar led the demo. They wore black armbands and also staged a sit-in there. The protesters were carrying banners and placards and were chanting anti-government slogans, demanding withdrawal of the unjust hike.

They also marched on city roads and blamed that the government had bombed the aspirations and ambitions of the masses regarding betterment in the country, through exorbitant hike in power tariff and POL product prices.

They demanded the government to ensure early withdrawal of the massive hike to relieve the public of the extraordinary burden. They warned to launch a massive protest if the government did not invoke decision.