QUETTA - Legislators in Balochistan Assembly unanimously adopted a joint resolution demanding for converting the name of Arabian Sea to Baloch Sea because what they said historically Balochs are populated on this coastal strip and had rendered sacrifices for this coast.

The lawmakers also presented a resolution to declare completion of polio vaccination course mandatory while giving admission to children in schools. The session of Balochistan Assembly started with Speaker Jan Muhammad Jamali in the chair, here Monday.

A joint resolution was tabled on behalf of National Party leader and provincial minister Nawab Muhammad Khan Shahwani, Rehmat Baloch, Mir Khalid Langov, Mir Mujeebur Rehman Muhammad Hussani and Andrew Baloch.

It was demanded in the resolution that Balochistan coast which is more than 1,000-km long and attributed with Arabian Sea but historically, it was called Baloch Sea. Thus, keeping its historical background this strip should be attributed with Baloch Sea.

Speaking on admissibility of the resolution, NP leader Rehmat Baloch said that from Kimari Karachi to Strait of Hormuz which is more than 1,000-km long coastal strip is historically called Baloch Sea. “Mir Hammal and Mir Jihand fought battles are the part of history and they also defeated Portuguese, ousting them from this long strip,” he added. He said that Balochs are highly populated on Iranian coastal belt Bandar Abbas, Sistan-Balochistan; therefore it should be called and written as Baloch Sea instead of Arabian Sea.

As the chair voted for approval of the resolution, the house adopted it unanimously.

Another joint resolution was moved by NP leader Nawab Muhammad Khan Shahwani, Rehmat Baloch, PkMAP leader, Nasrullah Zehray, Dr Hamid Khan Achakzai, Andrew Baloch and Yasmin Lehri. The legislators in the resolution demanded that in order to protect the children of scattered and backward areas of the province from polio virus, vaccination of anti-polio drops to children should declared compulsory before giving admission in schools.

JUI member Shahida Rauf said that the government should take all steps to eradicate polio virus from the province but the steps baring children from schools must be avoided.

MPA Rahila Durrani supporting the resolution said that education should be made free for those children who were affected with polio virus, so that they could also become useful citizens. “If polio is not eradicated, the country can face travelling ban in future,” she warned, adding that those people who did not vaccinate their children from polio virus, their driving licences or other benefits should be cancelled.

Rehmat Baloch said that those countries having polio virus by end of 2015, would face travelling restriction, adding that in Afghanistan, polio had been controlled over 74 per cent but Pakistan is still facing the menace.

PkMAP’s Dr Hamid Achakzai said that unless terrorism is not eradicated, polio virus could not be controlled, adding that due to corruption polio drops are not administrated properly.

Opposing the idea of linking the enrolment of children in schools with polio course, Sardar Mustafa Tareen termed this step as terrorism and said no child should be punished for it. “All children should be given free enrolment in schools,” he added.

In another resolution, jointly moved by NP leader Nawab Muhammad Khan Shahwani, Mir Khalid Langove, PML-N Dastagir Badini and Mir Mujeebur Rehman, demanded the federal government to take steps for provision of gas facilities to district Mastung villages. The resolution was approved when the chair put it for vote.

On a point of order, PkMAP leader Majeed Khan Achakzai said that acquisition of passport has become a difficult task in the province. He said the passport fee is Rs5,000 but Rs0.3 millions are being demanded, adding that the same situation is in NADRA office.

At this, Balochistan Chief Minister Dr Malik said that the issue would be tackled seriously and a committee comprising parliamentary leaders from each party would be formed. “We’ll talk with passport authorities and if they could not address the matter, the issue would be taken up with the prime minister,” he added.

Earlier, the NP leaders tabled a joint resolution demanding that computerised birth certificate should be made compulsory before issuing local certificates to the people, as the step would help stop non-locals from making fake local and domicile certificates. After a short debate, the speaker asked the resolution to be tabled on October 9 (tomorrow) with further improvement.