KARACHI (PR): Chancellor of Sir Syed University of Engineering & Technology, Engr. Muhammad Adil Usman, has said that the nation is facing serious educational challenges that call for renewed efforts to offer students a technology-based education for economic prosperity across the country. He was of view that improving education is essential to win future for the country.

Emphasizing the power of education to improve people’s lives he said, “Education is the new game-changer that enhances economic growth and human development to alleviate poverty. The education frees the spirit from the chains of ignorance and no country has succeeded without educating its people.”

Chancellor Engr. Muhammad Adil Usman has introduced and implemented some fertile policies and rewarding strategic systems at the campus, equally benefitted for both the faculty and the students, to cope with the challenges of modern world. To keep pace with the constant changing world of information technology, he made hard efforts to launch three new technologies i) Architecture, ii) Software Engineering and iii) Bio-Informatics from the academic year 2014.