Bangalore, INDIA

A software engineer has snapped this picture of a spider that he claims is the spitting image of fictitious Kazakhstani television presenter Borat.

Anand Joshi, 24, spotted the tiny arachnid as it scuttled towards his front door in the Indian city of Bangalore. He immediately grabbed his camera after noticing the likeness the spider bears to Sacha Baron Cohen's comedy character.

As well as looking like the protagonist of Baron Cohen's controversial 2006 film, which grossed more than $260million at the box office, Anand said that his friends have been comparing the eight-legged creature to aliens and other Hollywood movie predators. He said: 'When I first saw the spider I immediately noticed a human face with a moustache. 'I saw the face pattern on it and was really amazed and happy because I have never seen such a creature before.  'I really like spiders. The way they construct their web and the way they hunt is fascinating.' The spider is a form of araneus mitificus which, fortunately for Anand since he got so close to it, is not deadly.

The species is commonly found in southern and eastern parts of Asia and Australia. They are normally found in gardens and low vegetation and tend to build their webs among bushes. The species was originally discovered in 1886.