LAHORE – In a meeting today presided over by Archbishop Sebastian Shah the Christian leaders made plans to hold more protests against the Local Bodies Elections.

“If protests fail to impress the government and it did not listen to our demands we might be left with no option but to boycott the upcoming local bodies elections,” the meeting unanimously decided.  

The much trumpeted Local Government Bill 2015 was passed unanimously rejecting opposition’s objections and terming them baseless. According to the Bill, 8 members will be elected directly while 5 members indirectly in each union council.

Christian leader Rev Shahid Miraj said the law was against the spirit of democracy. “True representatives of the minorities would not be able to make it to union councils. Only the nominated people of government would be taken on board the councils and they will not work for the welfare of their community,” he said.  

“I fear that we might have to boycott the local bodies polls on October 31. The new law would promote nepotism and corruption while depriving minorities of their right to representation,” Miraj maintained.