ISLAMABAD - Japanese Ambassador Hiroshi Inomata and Dean of Diplomatic Corps, Rodolfo Martin Saravia, arranged photo exhibitions in connection with the 8th October 2005 earthquake.

The pictures of Japanese photographer Kenjiro Sato were put on display in the exhibition arranged by the Japanese ambassador. Kenjiro Sato had arrived to Pakistan from Japan on the very next day after the earthquake and stayed in the devastated areas for 25 days. He had sent photographs regularly to his newspaper in Japan which moved the whole Japanese nation and the world to come for the rescue of the earthquake victims.

Japanese nation is very sensitive and caring and that is why their ambassador in Islamabad arranged a fantastic function on the 10th anniversary of the earthquake.

Rodolfo Martin Saravia also arranged a photo exhibition on the same event by the name of “Colours of Pakistan - Through the Eyes of the Diplomats.” It was a photo exhibition of the ambassadors, foreign dignitaries and heads of diplomatic missions from various embassies containing pictures of various parts of Pakistan during their stay there.

The event was full of surprises, from colourful dances to live musical performances.

The performance of the Japanese children from Islamabad Japanese School was a great excitement. The Japanese children performed dance to ‘Wadaiko’, traditional Japanese drum, played by Hiroshi Inomata.

Rodolfo J Martin-Saravia, Ambassador of Argentina and Dean of Diplomatic Crops, along with Hiroshi Inomata inaugurated the event. Among the participants of the event were many influential dignitaries from all walks of life, including ambassadors, dignitaries and diplomats from Australia, Austria, Argentina, Canada, Belgium, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Japan, USA, UNHCR, UNOPS, UN-Habitat and many more. The charity photography exhibition-cum-contest was organised to raise funds for marginalized women.

-The writer is a freelance contributor.