LAHORE - Officials of City District Government Lahore and its subordinate bodies especially those residing or posted within the boundaries of constituency NA-122 are allegedly giving special favour to the PML-N candidate in poll campaign, a sheer violation of the election’s code of conduct, sources told The Nation.

The sources said that the district administration had relaxed them from attending the office and discharging other official duties till the day of polling on the verbal direction of provincial government high-ups.

“These officials and other staffers are being marked present in the official record,” they added. They said that some of these officials are being assigned duties on daily basis through their seniors while the remaining ones are on special duties assigned by the officers till the election day.

The officials who have been assigned special duties belonged to different departments of CDGL and its subordinate bodies or local departments such as Lahore Development Authority, Water and Sanitation Agency, Parks and Horticulture Authority, Lahore Waste Management Company and some other departments, they added.

They said that these officials are bound to perform their duties as per directions of the PML-N candidate, party leadership or any other person, managing campaign in the constituency because all such employees are on their discretion. However, the workers residing in the constituency have been assigned especial task to mobilise and convince their neighboring voters and influence their relatives to caste vote in favour of the governments’-nominated candidates.

The sources further said that such employees and officials have been given different assignments like ensuring proper arrangements for any public meeting or corner meeting including cleaning the site of meeting and surrounding areas, ensuring sitting arrangements for the party workers and supporters, hoisting banners and flexes and posters in the areas of the meeting, besides performing all these duties in the entire constituency.

They said that such officials are using all the available government resources including vehicles with fuel for travelling in different areas to review the campaign matters. They are also bound to provide transport facility to party workers by using official vehicles for reaching different areas so that they could participate in the meetings and other movements as part of election campaign.

Entire machinery being used for cleaning, lifting and dumping waste and clearing sewerage system in case of any complaint in this regard or resolving other issues of the voters belonging to any area of the constituency is also on the discretion of the party leadership or political workers.

They said that in case of shortage of staff available in the town concerned, UCs and the staffers deployed on special duties, the managers of election campaign are authorised to ask the officers concerned to deploy staff for performing special duty on emergency basis.

When contacted, District Coordination Officer Capt. (r) Usman was not available for his version but the spokesman of the DCO talking on the matter rejected the claims and said that no official of the CDGL and its subordinate bodies had been given any special task for the purpose or is being deployed in the NA 122 for giving special favour to the ruling party’s candidate officially. He said if any official was found guilty of violating the directions of DCO, he will be punished as per law.