Pop star Katy Perry is battling a nasty virus while on tour in south america. The Firework singer has taken her Prismatic World Tour to countries including Brazil and Argentina, and is set to wrap the dates in Costa Rica on 18 Oct. However, Katy has fallen sick and is battling symptoms including a fever and a persistent cough, but she has so far refused to cancel any of the dates. “Bout to hop on this stage all snotty, wheezing & sneezin. Gonna need you tonight” she wrote before her show in Buenos Aires, Argentina on Sunday. In the following days, she documented her struggle and revealed she had holed up in her hotel room watching movies on streaming service Netflix.

“Netflix and chills Netflix and fever Netflix and sweat (sic),” she wrote in a post on

“Netflix and snot Netflix and strange smells Netflix and cough till you’re a donkey Netflix and burning eyeballs Netflix and hot pees Netflix and green slime.” She also added a picture of alphabet soup spelling out the word ‘sick’. The long-running tour kicked off in Belfast, Northern Ireland in May, 2014 and Katy will have played 151 shows by the time it comes to an end.