LAHORE - PML-N leaders while addressing railway workers at Lokoshed yesterday criticised PTI chief Imran Khan calling him a confused ‘rotu’ (weeper) and anti-development.

Campaigning for the upcoming by-elections in NA-122 they said that Imran Khan will be responsible if Chinese investment worth $46billion is cancelled. They charged Khan for advocating ignorance and obscurantism to the masses. They also said that Khan is backing a candidate who has a tainted history and is a known land grabber.

Minister for Railways Khawaja Saad while announcing new residential quarters for Railway workers and promising to abide by other requests, questioned Khan for PTI’s performance in Khyber PK. He asked Khan to justify the small amount of tax he pays on his 300-kanal Banni Gala mansion in Islamabad.

Khawaja Saad Rafiq also criticised anchorpersons for not portraying the true picture. He alleged that they were getting money by the land grabber mafia. He said some rich men by virtue of their wealth have become media owners while they do not know anything about the media. “Nan and roti sellers have also made their way in the media,” he said.

Saad said that the PTI Chairman is misleading the people. He said people vote for PML-N for the fact this party has served the country. He said that the city was gifted a state of the art transportation system and roads and bridges. He said the government would also give Lahore a local railway system of the international standard.

Khawaja said that Imran Khan is enemy of development which is why Lahore will reject his party. He said that said Railway employees rising above any other consideration would vote the PML-N in view of performance of this party.

Sardar Ayaz Sadiq in his address praised the development scheme of his government particularly on power, transport and farmers. He said that Imran Khan would not move an inch ahead from where he is now. He said that Khan has only one ambition - to become the Prime Minister of the country, by any means “but his dream would never come true”. Sheikh Waqas Akram also spoke on the occasion.

It was learnt that the Railways workers were specially called to the venue under directions of the Minister. Some participants said they came to save their jobs.