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Lady Gaga has admitted her love of crime shows, often featuring a woman murdering her husband, freaks out her fiance Taylor Kinney and her friends. Lady GaGa’s fiance finds her love of horror and crime shows disturbing.

The 29-year-old singer and actress is addicted to scary TV shows, which she finds ‘’relaxing’’ but ‘Chicago Fire’ actor Taylor Kinney, 34, who popped the question earlier this year, doesn’t agree with her. Speaking to Jimmy Fallon on the ‘Tonight Show’, she explained: ‘’I love scary things. Dangerous things in horror relaxes me, it freaks out my friends and my fiance. ‘’I love the show ‘Snapped’, which is a true-life crime show about these average women who just snap and murder their husbands.

They just stuff them into the trunk of their white Lexus and get caught because they used their Costco card to buy the axe. I love it. But I get so relaxed watching it and he just comes in and I’m completely relaxed. It’s like a nice cup of tea.

‘’I find the art of darkness fascinating, I think I would have been one of Hitchcock’s groupies. I love the dichotomy of horror at the same time. There’s something really fascinating in watching these shows and seeing how these serial killers operate.’’ Meanwhile, Gaga got to indulge her love of darkness by playing a vampire in ‘American Horror Story’ season five and show creator Ryan Murphy wants her back for another series.

Although season five, ‘American Horror Story: Hotel’ - which sees Gaga in her first television starring role - only kicks off in the US on Wednesday, Ryan is already keen to lock the popstar down for another series. He tweeted: ‘’Lady Gaga is so brilliant in AHS Season 5 that yesterday I officially asked her to join Season 6. Say yes. ‘ Speaking about the show she said: ‘’I worked really hard on it, I completely committed to the role and really take it seriously. ‘’I went to acting school for 10 years in New York, I studied Method Acting. But I was really awkward at auditions and couldn’t get a job so I pursued a career in music instead.’’