ISLAMABAD - Foreign Office spokesperson on Wednesday that said Pakistan as a responsible nuclear state remains actively engaged with the international community, including the United States, on nuclear stability and security issues.

Commenting on a recent article in the Washington Post by David Ignatius, the spokesperson said, Pakistan’s nuclear policy is shaped by evolving security dynamics of South Asia, growing conventional asymmetry, provocative doctrines and aggressive posturing by India, which obliges us to take all necessary measures to maintain a full spectrum deterrence capability in order to safeguard our national security, maintain strategic stability and deter any kind of aggression from India.

Pakistan seeks peace and strategic stability in South Asia as corner stone of its policy and considers conflict resolution as a means to achieve this end. This policy has been reiterated by Pakistan’s highest decision-making body, the National Command Authority (NCA), chaired by the Prime Minister, in its meeting on 09 September 2015, the spokesman said.