LAHORE - Chief Operating Officer of Pakistan Cricket Board Subhan Ahmad is likely to face axe amid frantic lobbying and massive wave of reshuffle in the board ranks.

Director International Cricket Zakir Khan and Director domestic cricket Intekhab Alam has been already reappointed as mangers of junior and senior teams, respectively.

According to PCB sources, Subhan is in line to be replaced with some blue-eyed person as he is likely to face a vote of no confidence Board of Governors.

Subhan, who is serving in the board for almost a decade, has been a target of criticism from some veteran cricketers as well and there were also question marks over his performance over the time, he always remained successful in saving his job by showing undeterred ‘loyalty’ to the every PCB chairman he worked with.

But the current set-up of the board seems not to suit the chief operating officer as the source of power is now not solely with the board chairman Shaharyar Khan and instead Najam Sethi is suspected of calling the shots in the board’s matter. Subhan was as loyal to Sethi, when he was the board’s chairman, as he remains to any chairman. But he changed his loyalties to new chairman Shaharyar, which did not bode well with Sethi and was an unwise move from the incumbent COO in the present set-up.

PCB sources have revealed that different options are under consideration for dismissal of COO. The authorities are considering many names and among them the name of Azed Sayed is hot favourite for this COO slot. Azed Syed enjoys very close ties with Sethi while Subhan is considered to be very close to Shaharyar. Azed is currently working as Director Game Development in the PCB. A very important member of selection committee is also under consideration for the post of COO. Sources claimed that Subhan is well aware of the move about his possible dismissal and he is also frantically lobbying and pondering his options to save his job. The only thing that is hindering in immediate sacking of the COO is to find some fail-safe way to avoid any new controversy in Pakistan cricket especially at a time when the board is working on Pakistan Super League project and efforts are being made to restore international cricket in the country.

A likely backlash from Subhan and ‘possibility of washing the dirty linen in the public’ is also a strong element that is still working for Subhan in saving his job as he is aware of all weaknesses, drawbacks and politics in the board. Moreover, PCB chairman Shaharyar and his loyalists may also make it difficult for Sethi and co to induct some blue-eyed person like Azed into the job as Azed has already reported to boast off about the possibility of getting the hot job in his clos circles.