Of censorboards and social taboos 

S: The first contraceptive advertisement Pakistan has seen for years. The first attempt at promoting use of contraceptives and reducing the population. And what does PEMRA do, it bans it for "immorality". Disgraceful.

A: Are you talking about the ad starring Mathira? It was surely the first condom ad in a while but calling it an "attempt at promoting contraceptives" is stretching it too far. It was designed to sell a product, nothing more than that.

S: Just because it is designed to sell products doesn't mean it has a different standard from other things on television. And in the absence of a state campaign at population control, these ads are the best we can do, at least the information is out there.

A: I agree with you as far as that, all I'm saying is that considering Pakistan's conservative society the producers could have made a less controversial advertisement. They took a risk and it didn't pay off.

S: Really! what was so scandalous about the ad? That married people engage in sexual acts! How indecent! Why should they self censor themselves? If we continue treating sex related subjects with circumspection and kid gloves then it will never become part of the everyday narrative. It will remain a taboo, only controversial and "tasteless" ads can fix that. I would prefer people know that safe options are available to all, that all this haw-hai over an ad.